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Overcoming Procrastination

Procrastination makes people feel elated initially.

They don’t have to deal with a situation or task at that moment in time.

But, for most of these situations, there will come a time when it needs to get done.

The feeling of elation turns to panic.

Then panic becomes a rush to figure out ways to handle the situation.

When you compare this to people who don’t procrastinate, they may not get that initial surge of elation.

However, they also don’t have to worry about the panic setting in.

All things being equal, these non-procrastinators will not be as stressed out.

It’s proven that stress can lead to disease. The resources that your body needs to fend off disease will be diverted to handling your stress.

Short-term stress is not likely to impact health as much as stress that is constant. However, people who procrastinate do it with all (or most of) their tasks.

Therefore, they are likely to be stressed out longer term. They are the ones more at risk of getting stress related disorders.

Procrastination can often impact others in the procrastinator’s social circle as well.

For instance, your kids may be depending on you to fill out a form for them to go to away on a school activity. If you miss the deadline, your kids won’t be able to go. Most kids will not be happy with this outcome.

If you don’t learn to overcome procrastination at work, it could impact others in the organisation.

For example, if you are responsible for a certain aspect of a project and miss the deadline, it may cause others on the team to miss their deadlines.

Be aware they will know you are the bottleneck. This puts you in an awkward position that could eventually lead to your dismissal.

Procrastination can cause you some financial pain. You may wait to the last minute to file your taxes.

But, when you do so, you may not find the necessary information needed to reduce your tax liabilities.

You will end up paying more than had you taken the time to look for all your legitimate deductions, etc.

If you are worried about not getting that initial surge of elation, just remember that the good feeling you get from handling your situations on time will last much longer.

It lowers your stress and makes your friends and family happier with you. It does take some effort to break the bad habit of procrastination.

But, it is entirely worth the effort.

Here are some tips that I have found useful to overcome my own propensity for procrastination ...

  1. Clear your workspace to avoid distractions
  2. If you can, again to avoid distractions, work from a cafe or library
  3. Use earplugs, so that you can work in total silence
  4.  Use a timer and take physical breaks - I use a Salter digital cooking timer and work for 50 minute   durations, and then reward myself with a 10 minute break, before re-commencing work
  5. Order your tasks into order of importance and carry out the most important task first
  6.  Break down large tasks  into small chunks
  7.  Find an accountability 'buddy'

I wish you continuing success!

Mark Nicholson

The Bloke Coach®

PS If your procrastination is causing you serious problems, I can explain how hypnotherapy help you ... CALL ME NOW


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