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Fix Your Phobia, Boost Your Confidence, Blast Away Your Anxiety

Be Free of Your Phobias, Anxieties, and Boost Your Confidence

Does your fear cause you to ‘lose it’? do you get panicky and anxious just thinking about the thing that you fear most? Do you avoid it so much that it disrupts your life and the lives of those around you? If so, you probably have a phobia.

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Rapid methods

If you cannot bear to think about boarding that plane, if you are simply dreading making that speech or presentation, or are too scared to keep a dental appointment, then whatever your phobia, Mark Nicholson   can help you in as little as one session.

The method they use combines hypnosis with the relatively new science of personal achievement called Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP for short), which means that if you really want to be rid of your phobia, Mark  can free you from it quicker than you may believe.

This is excellent news when you realise that some people have lived in fear or dread of something for most of their lives.

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Your powerful mind

Mark  can  help you harness they most powerful part of the mind called the unconscious, or subconscious.

The unconscious part of your mind protects and serves you and, in the case of your phobia, produces a crippling response to an everyday item or situation that others wouldn’t give a second thought to.

A phobia is a learned response, quite often from childhood, which causes your mind to severely ‘overdo’ this otherwise important protective response.

With hypnosis and NLP methods it is possible to re-direct this powerful aspect of your mind in relation to your anxiety so that you could live a normal life without the exaggerated fear that constitutes a phobia.

In other words, these methods will ensure that your unconscious mind begins to work for you instead of against you.

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Excellent results

Hypnosis is completely safe and, since the British Medical Association reported their approval of hypnosis since 1953 for specific conditions, thousands of people have found hypnosis to be an effective therapy and has achieved excellent results with a whole host of conditions including;

Nail biting
High blood pressure
Bed wetting
Exam nerves
Lack of sex drive
Surgical preparation
Poor appetite
Alcohol abuse
Nervous tension
Skin disorders
Poor concentration
Dental fears
Fear of public speaking
Sports performance
Childhood trauma
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Break Free

You can break free from your fear and resolve your phobia; you will be met with a friendly, caring response when you make your call. The good news is that the methods are available to you. The bad news is that there is usually a waiting list for an appointment as our practice is also busy with it’s successful stop smoking and weight loss systems too.

However, if you are flying, or need to make a speech imminently, then we will always attempt to fit you in, at short notice. Speak to Mark Nicholson  in confidence

Whatever your phobia, whether it’s the fear of needles, heights, spiders, water, confined spaces or even something unusual like fear of buttons, dust, rabbits or clouds, share it in confidence and someone will speak to you, whether you book an appointment or not, with no obligation.

If you’d like to conquer your phobia once and for all, why not put your name and phone number into an email, and we’ll get in touch with you at a time which suits you. No pressure, just the chance to be free.

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