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Is Your Current Job Holding You Back?

Even if you hate your current job, you might think that you should stay. For the money, for the connections, for the security.

All of these are valid reasons to stay in a position, but not if that position is holding you back. If your current job impedes your career, maybe quitting is the best thing you can do right now.

Here are some good reasons to quit your job.

1. You’re only doing it for the money

Maybe the only thing that’s keeping you in your current job is the money. Money is important, for sure, but it shouldn’t be controlling your life. It’s also not a good motivator for being your best you or excelling at your job.

2. Your boss or your colleagues are toxic

Hating your boss or your colleagues can make going to work torture. They might be gas-lighting, disrespectful, exploitative or taking credit for your work. Whatever the team dynamics, if you’re unhappy you need to move on.

3. You’re not being your true self

You can’t shine if you’re trying to be someone you’re not. It’s energy-sapping to be in a job that expects you to be someone else. Your performance will suffer, and there’s no way you can reach your potential if you’re fighting your true self all the time.

4. You’ve been there too long

Everyone outgrows their job eventually. If people are starting to say “are you still there?” it’s a sign that maybe it’s time to move on and grow.

5. Your dreams are elsewhere

If you daydream about running your own company, being your own boss, maybe it’s time to make the jump and just do it. It’s easier than ever to become an entrepreneur and take your good idea to the marketplace.

Unless your job is really toxic, use the security of being employed while you plan and set up your new business or test your product. If you want to run away and live in a commune, set yourself up so you can do it. Maybe planning your escape will help you stay in your job a bit longer while you build up a financial cushion.

6. You want a different lifestyle

Maybe your values and priorities have changed, and you want a different balance of work and family time. Or you want to study and improve your skills, so you’re more promotion-ready.

Whatever is holding you back, you have the power to change it right now. And if quitting your job will make that happen then go for it!

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