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How Are Habits Formed?

We have been hearing quite a lot about the importance of developing good habits and breaking bad habits, if we want to taste success in your lives. Is it easy to develop these habits? How are they formed? I  will touch upon this topic in this blog post.

To understand how habits are formed you should know what it means. When an activity is routine in nature or has been practiced repeatedly by an individual, it becomes a habit.

According to one of the definitions, a habit is something that is difficult to give up on.

Ways in which habits are formed...

1. Repetition of the same task over and over

Robin Sharma, who is the author of many bestselling self-help books, tells in one of his books that when an activity is done for 21 continuous days, it becomes a habit.

This is a simple enough explanation, isn’t it? The point to be noted here is that habits are formed when the same activity is repeated for a long time.

2. Becoming routine and a way of life later

When you have a goal in your life to start walking 10000 steps every day, you develop the habit very consciously during the first few days.

You stay committed to the goal and drag your body and mind in the initial stage to achieve your target.

However, after about a month or so, this becomes a way of life and a must-do thing for you.

That’s when it becomes a habit and that’s how habits are formed.

In short, a habit is an action that an individual is very aware of, in the initial stages, which then later becomes his/her routine lifestyle.

3. Feedback from the activity triggers it to get repeated

In the above example, when you walk for 10000 steps for a month, you get the feedback in the form of a weight loss. You are thrilled when you see that you weight around 2kg lesser than you were at the beginning of the month.

This feedback is a great encouragement for you to continue with your activity and make it a must-follow habit in your life.

However, it is quite unfortunate that this rule applies to the formation of bad habits as well.

When you smoke, you feel you have reached a new stage of maturity and your friends think of you as a hero. This unnecessary encouragement triggers you to develop the habit of smoking, though you may not have wanted to get into this habit.

Habits are formed when you are comfortable with the feedback you get from them.

If you don’t like the taste and texture of healthy foods, you will soon stop eating them and move back to junk foods.

So, if you want to form good habits, you need to control the feedback you get from.

You need to find a way to ensure that you get a positive feedback from a good habit that you develop newly.

This will help you stay committed to that and also make it your way of life.

To your continuing success!

Mark Nicholson

The Bloke Coach®

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