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Your Free ‘Breakthrough’ Coaching Call


" I just had the most amazing Skype session with Mark Nicholson. He is not only woke he is well informed. During the session he had this uncanny knack for asking me the right questions to get me on track for success. In just 30 minutes I was given so many awesome ideas to implement in my life towards the fulfillment of my dream of a One Living Consciousness. To live your dream life I highly recommend Mark as a success coach. With my sincere appreciation and gratitude".

Lorna Lynne Borgson, British Columbia, Canada

"Within the space of a short 30 minute call, Mark was able to identify a major blocking point on my project and suggest a suitable approach based on my unique circumstances. I'm confident that an ongoing conversation will help me align more closely to my goals and overcome the inevitable challenges that will crop up during the journey".

Matthew F    Software Engineer UK

My session with Mark was inspiring, Mark has a positive attitude and professional manner.

Mark has shown me that I can aim higher and having the right positive attitude i can achieve my goals within my target time.

Mark is very professional and I would definitely be using his services again, and I also would highly recommended Mark.

Antony Watson - Business Manager



  • Breakthrough your barriers to success

  • Discover what’s stopping you

  • Come away with absolute clarity

  • Know exactly which steps to take next

  • You’ll have a clear set of goals and a plan