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Do Women Remember More Than Men?

It might sound a bit unfortunate for the men reading this, but yes it’s true that women do have better memories than the men. Though the studies have found that as women reach menopause, they struggle with forgetfulness and Alzheimer’s disease, they still have an edge over men in their middle and older age.

Not only this, but some studies also suggest that, even from childhood, women outperform men in memory tasks. This is especially true of verbal memory. The difference becomes more significant just after puberty, and it continues into adulthood.

There are many aspects to remembering things, and that if it is about the cognitive aspect, which has to do with what they are learning in school, men and women tend to be on the same level, but when it comes to social things, because women are more emotional, they don’t forget things easily, most especially the wrong done to them.

Men may forget things more than women because they don’t have time to think of many other things that women think about. Even when they are involved in the same kind of work, the women would likely remember things more than men.

Women also remember things because they are good record keepers, while men don’t bother about several things. I don’t think it has anything to do with the brain, even though there are many faculties in the brain.

There is a faculty in the brain where feelings and associated issues are kept, and because women are more sentimental, they tend to remember all those things. Whatever touches on their emotions, they will remember.

Hormones affect the Memory

The menopause and levels of sex steroids affect particular aspects of memory. Neuroactive sex steroid hormones, including estradiol, are believed to affect learning and memory in women, and they may underlie sex differences in learning and memory performance.

Basically, estradiol affects the structure and function of brain regions that relate to memory. As levels fluctuate during the menstrual cycle, verbal working memory performance change too.

But despite a dip at menopause, women outperform men in several memory tests conducted during a study.

As estradiol declines during menopause, women find it harder to learn something for the first time and to retrieve information.

However, they continue to maintain and consolidate stored memories effectively. The findings suggest that different parts of the brain are affected.

Previous studies have shown that women with a longer reproductive period, and therefore greater exposure to estrogens, have better immediate and delayed verbal memory in mid- to late-life.

A fall in estradiol levels during menopause has also been found to relate directly to changes in brain activity in the hippocampus, which plays a role in memory function.


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