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About Mark

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Mark Nicholson MSc. DipCogHyp MPNLP

Coach, Trainer, and Therapist


I remember when I was as young as 7, I was always fascinating with what makes people 'tick'.

Throughout my late teens and early 20's I found that others seemed to be able to open up to me and found me approachable enough to talk to me about their problems.

By then I hadn't had any formal training in coaching and therapy; that would come much later.

I graduated from college in 2001 with a degree in Human Ecology, a multi-disciplinary
subject which included within it a behavioural sciences major. I was introduced to
the theories of some of the founders of psychology and sociology, including Eric Byrne's transactional analysis.

Most of my employment since graduating has involved managing people in a number of sectors; residential care for dementia clients, distribution, and mostly in food production (where I have managed teams from 30 to 500 employees).

In my mid 20's I worked in a particularly stressful situation, and decided to learn
how to do transcendental meditation. I had wanted to do this since my teens, as I was fascinated by it because of The Beatles. This was a major breakthrough for me in my own self-awareness.

I think it was this, that spurred me on to pursue knowledge in the so-called
'personal development', 'human potential', and 'self-help' fields.

The shelves in my office are still heaving with books on these subjects, despite
carrying out several book culls over the years!

I have read hundreds of such books.

My formal training in therapy and coaching began in my late 30's. Over the ten years
or so, since then I have become a reiki master, an NLP master practitioner/trainer specialising in coaching, a cognitive hypnotherapist, a PSYCH-K practitioner, an EFT Practitioner, and a BC (Broadband Consciousness) coach.

I have been on numerous short-courses in the field, and I have been trained by some of the best, for example Tony Robbins, Joseph McClendon III, John Seymour, Dr Susi Strang, Topher Morrison, Tom Silver, Ormond McGill, Peter Thomson, Trevor Silvester, and last, but not least, Richard Wilkins and Liz Ivory.

My NLP coaching and therapy practice has been going for over 15 years, both on
a full-time and part-time basis.

I have helped hundreds of people be the best they can be over this time, coaching both for individuals and businesses. I have plenty of experience advising small to medium-sized businesses at the sharp end, as a Business Adviser with the former Business Link.

I also help people to overcome bad habits, phobias, weight issues, smoking, alcohol problems, low self esteem/confidence, stress, and anxiety.

I use rapid, cutting edge methods so that you can quit smoking, lose weight, fix your phobia, or boost your confidence fast.

My practice was established in 2002 to offer a safe, scientific and psychological alternative to nicotine replacement therapy to help people stop smoking.

To date, I have helped hundreds of people to become healthy, permanent non-smokers - I can help you join them.

There are a wide range of other psychosomatic issues that I am able to help you with too.

I also offer a life coaching service using Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP, for short).

My Credentials

I am professionally qualified and I have over 15 years practical experience.

Member of The Complementary & Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC) No. 001745-L10

Member of The NHS Directory of Complementary & Alternative Practitioners No. 5361

Registered Member of The National Council For Hypnotherapy (NCH)

Quest Institute Trained & Certified Cognitive Hypnotherapist

Certified Master Practitioner of NLP by UK Association of NLP

Certified NLP Trainer by International NLP Trainers Association (INLPTA)

What My Clients Say

I love helping my clients to breakthrough their difficulties and to be there for them as they meet each challenge.

It is an absolute joy to see and hear the relief of my clients as they realize they have resolved their problems with my support and guidance.

"I stopped smoking in November 2002. I had no cravings whatsoever, after having a 60 a day habit for years. I am a non-smoker thanks to Mark"

Mr David Floyd (hypnotherapy client)


"I haven't smoked a cigarette since the day I saw you. My family are thrilled that I have at last kicked the habit. I haven't had any cravings at all and have found quitting easy, thanks for your help"

Mrs Jane Sutton (hypnotherapy client)


"Since I finished my consultation, I have consistently lost weight, and over the last six months, I have lost 7 stones, and I feel great. A big thank you."

Mr G Clutton (hypnotherapy client)


"I had often said: "I'm waiting for the miracle cure that switches off the need for a cigarette", well Amazing Changes is that 'miracle cure', I have been a non-smoker since June 2004."

Mrs L Patterson (hypnotherapy client)


"The treatment has given me back control of my eating; I have dropped a dress size. I would recommend you without hesitation. A huge thank you."

Mrs J E, Dental Practice Manager (hypnotherapy client)


"I am very pleased with the treatment. I had suffered for years with a condition which conventional therapy could not assuage."

Mr C James (coaching client)


"I would thoroughly recommend Mark's knowledge, expertise and techniques on both a personal and professional level. Mark has assisted me with the finer points of mental and emotional control when presenting to a client and his advice on marketing and business presentation has been invaluable. Mark is friendly, relaxed, thorough and incredibly informed and articulate".

Mr James Lewis (coaching client)


"Mark is a wonderful mentor and an inspirational leader. Mark's approach to work and life is an extremely rare and powerful blend of science and logic combined with enviable people and business skills. Through Mark's coaching and infectious interest in personal development he has truly enabled me to become a significantly better person. Mark is a catalyst for success for any business or individual".

Mr Ed Palmer (coaching client)


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Mark Nicholson MSc. DipCogHyp, MPNLP