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3 Ways To Break Old Habits

If you have been used to a habit for a long time, it becomes quite tough for you to break it, though you know that it isn’t a habit that you should be pursuing.

Smoking is one of the best examples of this fact.

However, with the right kind of attitude and action plan, it is possible to get rid of your old habits too.

Here are 3 simple ways that will help you come out of your old habits easier than you expected.

1. Psychological drift in thinking

More often than not, it is your psychological approach that needs to be changed to get rid of your old habits. A simple way to do is this is to use the phrase, I don’t, instead of I can’t, whenever you want to quit an old habit.

For example, you could practice telling I don’t smoke, I don’t eat junk food, etc. instead of I can’t smoke, or I can’t eat junk food.

Does that sound weird? You will be surprised to know that this method has given impressive results in a study conducted by the Journal of Consumer Research on 120 students. One group was asked to practice the phrase, I don’t and the other group was asked to practice, I can’t.

The results showed that close to 61% of the group that said, I can’t, gave in to their bad habits. On the contrary, from the group that said, I don’t, only 36% gave in to their bad habits.

When you keep saying this phrase, you find yourself sticking to your goals and breaking your bad habits quicker than you thought.

2. Being aware of the triggers

What makes you get into the bad habit? That’s the trigger that you should know about. If you are well-aware of the trigger, it helps you control your bad habit to a considerable extent.

The mindful practice to take note of the trigger and your craving can bring phenomenal results in your effort to get rid of your bad habit, according to a study conducted by the Drug and Alcohol Dependence Journal.

a) After being aware of the triggers, you have to make notes on the following points:

b) When does the trigger usually occur? Is there any specific timing when your craving is high?

c) How often do you feel tempted to succumb to this trigger?

d) Do you usually succumb to this trigger during a particular emotional state?

e) Does being with friends or family help you when you are faced with a trigger?

3. The Powerful If-Then Approach

The If-Then approach is when you have an alternate plan of action to overcome your bad habit.

This way, you channelize your energies into developing a good habit; therefore, you are more successful in getting rid of your bad habits in this method than most of the other conventional methods.

You can plan for your alternate action. For example, if you know being with your friends is a huge trigger for you to smoke, you can think on these lines – If my friend invites me for a smoke, then I will feign a headache and go out of that place!

These are very simple techniques, but when implemented, they can bring about excellent results in helping you break your bad habits.

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To your success!

Mark Nicholson

The Bloke Coach®


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